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Systems, networks, software, and migrating to the cloud have complexities that need understanding and experience to navigate. X-Central’s capabilities lie in our ability to assist you, within your system, to achieve your goals, and to guide you along the direction your organization – with X-Central’s knowledge – determines is best.

Our team excels at managing cloud solutions which contributes in adding value to your organization as well as optimizing your productivity. Our managing team is always up to date with the latest tech and serves to live up to your expectations when delivering your preferred printing management solutions.

Implementation of cloud through X-central for your firm will benefit you on a long run. We assist you to our fullest potential in running and operating cloud while your business yields are maximized.

Updates happen. Our customer support delivers omni-channel contact and response options, an ePrinterOnellent resolution time and proactive actions to support efficiency and minimal disruption. X-Central has the insight and skills to problem solve as things arise. We require anyone we partner with to have the highest ethics and the deepest knowledge base. They, like us, must be the most competent organizations in the business.

X-Central provides comprehensive cloud management services which are optimized according to your organization’s needs and requirements. Our Cloud Print Management solutions are specifically designed to make your workplace hassle-free.

PrinterLogic Solutions


Mobile Printing

  • No software to install
  • Supports any device
  • Works with any printer

Making Life Easier on IT

Built-in security – The enterprise has complete control over who can print and to which printers.
Retain control - Set quotas for how much guests can print, the file types they can print, limit printing to black and white only, and more.
Printer-specific release - PrinterLogic’s solution gives employees the ability to automatically release a print job to a specific printer from their mobile device.

Easier Printer Deployment

  • Eliminates Print Servers
  • Print straight TCPIP to your printers.
  • Set default printer features

Secure Printing

Types of secure release mechanisms:

  • Badge/Card Reader Release
  • Printer Control Pane Release
  • Browser-Based Release

Working on a laptop

PrinterLogic Mission Statement

PrinterLogic is the world’s leading Enterprise Printer Management Solution for server-less remote site printer deployments. With more than 1,500 customers in over 120 countries, PrinterLogic enables organizations of all sizes to eliminate print servers. PrinterLogic’s single integrated printer management platform is an on-premise web application that simplifies the management, migration, and deployment of printers while drastically reducing cost.




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 University of California - Berkeley


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