What Makes Us Tungsten Equitrac Control Suites


Cut spending. Eliminate waste. Enforce print and copy quotas. Make everyone accountable. Promote environmental sustainability. With X-Central’s education solutions, you can do it all.

Kofax /Equitrac helps you control the rising cost of “free” printing and copying. And we’re good at it. Savings average 30% to 40% for customers we serve.

Our on-site service and built-in remote diagnostics ensure seamless implementation of your cost recovery solution. In addition to on-site recovery system installation and setup, we provide complete training and ongoing technical support as needed.

Installation is provided by an X-Central specialist who knows the nuances of every Equitrac feature and function. As a consultant to Equitrac for new ideas and innovations, our expert can tailor the product to the specific needs of each business.

X-Central’s modular approach for government gives options and control to the organization. Implement just what you need with the option of scaling up with AutoStore, Business Connect, or Output Manager at any time.

There’s no better way to discover the power and flexibility of Equitrac Control Suites than to experience it firsthand. Equitrac’s fully-automated print and copy tracking quickly shows cost recovery and savings potential, as well as opportunities for new revenues and improved services.

The Tungsten/Equitrac Difference


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X-Central’s exclusive product partner is Equitrac, the world leader and most trusted company in intelligent print management and cost recovery solutions.

Tungsten/Equitrac Edge

What’s the difference between a good print management solution and a great one? Tungsten Equitrac delivers features and benefits that set the standard for innovation.

Recovery System

With Tungsten Equitrac Control Suites you’ll get what you want and then some. X-Central provides unparalleled value on installation and support.
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In a matter of hours, X-Central delivers a fully configured solution without any disruption to network operations or applications. Silent tracking of every printer on the server is enabled.
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We encourage you to learn exactly how your printers and MFDs are being used. Evaluate the product, analyze the potential benefits, and consult with X-Central as much as you choose for thirty days.

Tungsten Equitrac Solutions



A sales-service professional who does what it takes to deliver flawless execution and stays with you every step of the way.


Total specialization in the software. This is what we do, and it’s not one-size-fits-all. We’ll configure the recovery system to your company’s specific needs.


Your sales-service pro helps you expand and update your Equitrac solutions as needed. We keep building with you.

Best Price

X-Central pricing is based on real cost, not the inflated fees you’ll get if you bundle your document tracking with printer and copier purchase.

Tungsten Equitrac Management

X-Central works with businesses and managed print services providers
to develop a comprehensive print management solutions strategy.
We focus on four key areas: security and authentication,
hardware fleet optimization, consumables cost reduction
and network infrastructure.

Our GSA Certification lets government entities purchase with safety and ease


University of California Davis

Snell & Wilmer Law Offices

University of Texas at Austin

Scottsdale Community College



Coldwell Banker

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology


Berea College