About X-Central


In a high-stakes global economy, it takes more than innovative product to be a leader.

It takes knowledge, innovative ideas and technological experience. That is what X-Central Print Solutions Specialists is all about. Finding the best solutions and merging the best products allows X-Central to create the ideal solution in the cloud or on-premise.

X-Central continues to lead the print solution industry as we have for over 20 years.

From the start, our powerful team drives our mission across the world: to ensure print solutions to our clients that that help make your business more productive and profitable.

We are a U.S. business that has over 100+ accounts from five users to 100,000+ users, with clients throughout the US and Canada.

We employ 15 staff members for a quick and qualified response. We utilize customer preferred omni-channels as a way of communication and providing clear resolutions.

Company History


X-Central Edge

Founded in 1998, X-Central was conceived with the vision to provide optimized solutions to businesses to cut down costs on document expenses. Providing cost recovery solutions – that’s where the story of X-Central began. But that’s not all we do.

In order to keep pace with the increasing business needs, X-Central has expanded its operations and now provides services in mobile printing, cloud printing and much more! With a commitment to innovation, X-Central has developed its own unique and distinct print solutions. In a rapidly evolving business environment, the print needs of every business have changed drastically over time and so has X-Central. One of the major factors behind our continued success within the industry has been X-Central’s ability to adapt and change according to the ever-shifting business environment.

X-Central Print Manage Solutions has satellite offices across the United States, including Tucson, Arizona, Boulder, Colorado, and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, with our main office located in Mead, Colorado.

X-Central solves problems in a way that enforces an organization’s security policies and does not require changes to its network, applications or devices.